Should You Have Your Roof Repaired or Replaced?

August 10, 2023

Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities, such as maintaining your roof. There may come a time when you have to decide if you should do more repairs or just go ahead and replace it. Luckily, a professional roofing service can always help you with making the best decision. Here are some things that can determine whether replacement or repairs are the best.

Type of Damage

You should always review the type of damage your roof has to determine if another repair is worth it. If a few shingles have fallen off of your roof, a simple replacement can usually do. However, if it seems like shingles are falling off every week and holes are developing in your roof, you may need to replace them. If your roof is rotting, you need a new one.

Repair Costs

You can expect to pay money whether you decide to repair or replace your roof. If you only have one or two simple repairs to do then replacement may be too much of an expense. However, if it seems like you’re having to do a roof repair at least a couple of times a year, those expenses will add up. Before you know it, you may have paid for the cost of a new roof anyway. According to Forbes, the average cost of roof repair is about $1000 but can go up to as much as 15,000. So if you’re paying over $10,000 to repair your roof, you’re probably better off getting a new one.

Home Value

Your home is your biggest investment, so you should do whatever it takes to protect its value. Replacing your roof will help to maintain or increase its value. After all, a roof that’s in a constant state of repair isn’t strong or safe. Therefore, during an appraisal, a roof like that will drag the value of your property down. According to Home365, roof replacements can yield 85% of the investment back to the customer once they resell. So if you’re ready to sell your home, do what you can to get all the equity possible by replacing your roof. After all, you’re likely going to get back your initial investment anyway.


According to Bob Vila, the average lifespan of a roof is about 20 years. So if your roof is approaching that mark, instead of making more repairs, go ahead and replace it. During the replacement, your roofing service can use materials with a better lifespan. For example, a metal or slate roof can last for 50 to 70 years with good maintenance, according to our experts. Imagine going from a roof that could last 20 years to 70 years. That’s a big leap that can play a role in ensuring that you may not ever have to replace a roof again.

Extensive Water Damage

Water damage isn’t something to play with. It can cause extensive damage to your roof and other parts of your home. When a roof has such damage, there may likely be more water damage within the foundation or attic. If moisture has crept into your roof long enough, it may cause it to rot. You may also have to check your attic walls for mold. With such damage, you need to do an overhaul of the roof.

Mold Presence

If your roofing problems have led to mold in your home, you need a replacement. That means there have been extensive leaks from the roof that you didn’t know about. Mold can cause serious respiratory issues for you and anyone in the household. As mold spores go through the air, they latch onto the lungs and exacerbate asthma, bronchitis, and other allergic conditions. Depending on the type of roof damage, you may also need to pay money for a mold remediation service. Avoid having to constantly do all that by getting a new roof.

Your roof is a vital part of your home structure.

Therefore, if it’s in a constant state of repair, it may be best to start over with a new one. The last thing you want is to constantly spend most of your home budget on ongoing repairs when you can get a roof that has a greater lifespan. If you’re having problems with your roof and are unsure what to do, call our local roofing service at Tri-County Roofing & Sheet Metal today. Our team will look at your roof and decide the best approach to handle it.

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